Financial responsibility

Your Anesthesia Bill:

We accept most major medical insurance carriers. After your procedure, we will bill your insurance carrier on your behalf. A few weeks later, you should receive an EOB statement  ("Explanation of Benefits") from your insurance carrier. On this statement you will see the following:
  • the service performed: The date of the service, the description and/or insurer's code for the service, the name of the person or place that provided the service, and the name of the patient.
  • the doctor's fee
  • what the insurer allows: The amount initially claimed by the doctor or hospital, minus any reductions applied by the insurer per contract.
  • provider discount / write off: This is the amount that the doctor has to write off, and will not be compensated for.
  • patient responsibilty: This is the balance that the patient is responsible for. This amount is usually made up of the following: Copay, Coinsurance and unmet Annual deductible amounts. The patient will be responsible for paying this amount in full to Comprehensive Anesthesia Care (PC). 

    Also note, that in addition to the anesthetic fees, there may be seperate fees from your surgeon, the facility (hospital), pathology and radiology.

    If you do not carry insurance, or is undergoing a procedure not covered by your insurance (cosmetic, infertility, certain oral surgeries etc), you will be responsible for the entire anesthetic bill, payable in advance to your procedure. For an estimate on this amount, you may call our billing office.

    For any questions related to your bill, you may contact our billing office at: 1 866 606-0153
13209 Corporate Exchange Drive
Bridgeton, MO 63044
United States

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